What an amazing world man has created! Technology, planes, cuisines,
buildings, medicine, art, education, luxuries, religion, clothes, books,
languages, travel, entertainment, a social system. Everything is man-made.
We marvel at Planet Earth - but if it weren’t for the genius of man – our
planet would be a beautiful, but isolated wilderness…
I’ve always worked extremely hard for what I have achieved. There were no
lotteries, no manna from the heavens. Just slog...
There are no two people meant specifically for each other in the world.
You have to find someone you’re comfortable with, who you respect –
then try and make the relationship work. If it doesn’t – it’s alright –
love is an investment of time and no matter how wrong it turns out - it
adds to your emotional maturity.
Everyone cries – some just know how to hide their tears…
A lesson I’ve learned is never confide your deepest secrets in any
one person. You may think you are unburdening yourself, but you’re
actually burdening yourself with the fear that the same person might
betray your confidence! You become vulnerable.
Learn to keep things to yourself. Or write a diary...
Each one of us has insecurities and fears. These are rooted in our
subconscious. I believe that what we go through from the age of 1-15
shapes us irrevocably for the future. That’s when the fears, complexes
and self-esteem is formed - and it just plays out for the rest of our lives.
I’ve often been asked which guests impressed me most in my
Rendezvous series. They were all great achievers, gifted and
famous – but the ones who remained with me the longest are
the ones who had grace. It’s based not on the numbers in your
bank account – but on the conduct of your life. To make it through
success and still have manners, intellectual curiosity, humility,
dignity – very rare....
I find people are stern judges of other people… but lenient of
Remember it’s only the generation you live amongst for whom you
count. They will celebrate you…and mourn you. The past and the
future feel no emotions for you.
There are millions forgotten in their graves...