While working with Ray and Raj Kapoor, I got fascinated with the craft of film-making; and started writing my
own scripts. Some US-based NRIs heard of it and approached me to direct a film.
It’s a miracle that Rukhsat got completed! Murphy and his Law dogged us throughout. Everything became a
daily obstacle we had to overcome. My Ch. Assistant arrived in New York and ran away - never to be seen again.
So I did the work of three assistants, and also choreographed all the songs!
Mithun Chakraborty was a top star at the time
and a fine all-rounder – for action, dance and
I wrote the role for him and was delighted to
work with him.
Since shooting a film abroad had no precedence then –
the authorities held up our rushes from being imported
into India. ‘Is it an American fil;m?’ ‘If its a Hindi film why
is it being imported?’ We had to wait till new regulations
could be formulated!
We still had to shoot the India portions. The long delay
sent the financial structure haywire.
And it didn’t help the continuity!
It was only the commitment of the producer Philip
Cherian, and my own determination that saw us through.
And of course God’s blessings.
‘Rukhsat’ was a trial-through-fire – it made me humble..
and stronger.
And finally, grateful for the experience …
And the appreciation....
Sadly, by the end, there was virtually no money for publicity.
Nor for the background score, which really broke my heart!,
But Kalyanji-Anandji gave us some lovely songs. Music is a
passion for me and I was very clear about the lyrics and
compositions I wanted - so they used to call me ‘Indira Gandhi’!
You can see the songs right here!

Tera Mera Pyar Amar


Diwana Main Hoon Tera


Wafaa Mere Dil Ki


O Sanam


Mere Liye Na Ansoo Bahana