The recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, and four times National Award
winning, low-key, socio-politically committed film maker Mrinal Sen,
had created waves with his socialistic ideals in cinema.
  He was an international name and a force to reckon with!
  I felt so privileged when, after Ray's 'Aranyer Din Ratri', he asked me to star
in his film 'Padatik'.
It was the role of a Punjabi girl living in Calcutta - a hot-shot
executive in an advertising agency, who gives refuge to an
idealogue Left-wing fugitive.
I was given the bound script and we shot it entirely on location in Calcutta with a small but dedicated crew.
     Mrinal da' was always concerned, that coming from Bollywood,
I may not find the food and conditions appropriate and he
extended himself to make me comfortable.
     But that was the least of my worries!
     Mrinal da' was a hard taskmaster. The hardest part was when,
on my insistence, I did my own dubbing!
     Every nuance, every tone, every pronounciation and pitch had
to be perfect. It was gruelling sometimes - but I'm glad I could do it.
   I salute the rational, forever seeking mind of Mrinal Sen, and the
inspiration and influence he has had on the young generation.
   His autobiography is aptly entitled 'Always Being Born'.  
   He is ninety now - and I hear as active and forward looking as
    God bless him.