Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.
Why Simi do you always wear white? That’s the eternal question I’m asked!
The answer is simple: I feel good when I wear white. Its a ‘happy’ colour for
me - so why not always try and be happy?
I’ve never looked at myself as a style diva or fashionista, I wear what I feel
suits me the best.
Your ‘style’ is really a reflection of your own individuality.
Initially we are all conforming, trying to be like everyone else. It takes time
to understand who you really are and how you want to be perceived.
My sense of style is very personal, but I do incorporate what is trendy.
I've always preferred the classic style. Simple, but well cut clothes. I don't go
For heavy embroidery on clothes. If I want to jazz it up – then I wear jewelry
on my body rather than on my clothes!
I don't go for bling or the latest hot trend because that gets outdated quickly.
I prefer the elegant, understated look that endures.
If I see a photograph of mine ten years later, it shouldn’t look outdated – I
shouldn’t cringe with embarrassment! That’s ‘classic’
I fell in love with Armani and the sheer simplicity and elegance of his styles.
I started wearing his designs when a lot of people here had no idea of the brand
From India, I’ve worn many designers, and am happy to experiment, but I
definitely lean towards Shahab Durazi and his classic elegance!
  When I first came to India from England, I was very westernized in my dressing style.  
  It didn’t go down too well with the film industry which, in appearances, was very conservative..  
  Since I wanted to ‘belong’, I tried to change my dressing style and, in fact, my whole personality.  
  (I guess, one has to first get self-confidence before you can evolve your own sense of style).  
  Looking back, I was miserable! It wasn’t ‘me’.  
  Parmeshwar Godrej had opened her boutique ‘Dancing Silks’ and she
  was the first to bring hi-fashion to India. She designed some lovely dresses  
  for me - and soon - with renewed confidence I was back to being myself.  
  I started wearing strapless, and off-the shoulder dresses. Chiffon saris with  
  strapless tops (the way they wear them now) and even though I was the  
  only one wearing them at the time – and people commented that  
  they were ‘very bold’ - it suddenly didn’t matter.  
  I had reclaimed myself.  
  I have to say, women must dress their age. You can’t try to  
  compete with girls half your age. You end up looking absurd.  
   No one is going to think you are 17! They'll just think you're  
  desperate to look younger! It's equally abhorrent when  
  girls of 8-9 wear high heels and grown up clothes!  
   We all are judged instantly by our appearance. So it’s  
  important how we present ourselves. Dressing according to the  
  occasion, your status, your age and the shape you are in is the  
  Style is also how we speak... how we conduct ourselves... how we entertain!  
  But more about that later....!